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Rg-213 mil spec 100 feet w/ connectors installed

'Pardner' RG213 Mil-Spec Coaxial Cable
100 Feet RG213/U Coax with Connectors Installed!
This is mil-spec, RG213/U with the coax connectors professionally installed. This is high quality coax that will give you many years of service. Here are some of the specifications:
* Outer Diameter .405 Inches
* Shield Copper Braid 96% Coverage
* Center Conductor #13 Stranded (7/21)
* Outer Jacket Non-Contaminating Black Polyvinylchloride
* Dielectric Solid Polyethylene .285 Inches
* Capacitance per Foot 30.8pF
* Operating Temperature -40c to +80c
* Loss at 10MHz .55dB per 100 Feet
* Loss at 50MHz 1.3dB per 100 Feet
We've installed the PL-259 Coax Connectors using our Professional Coax Crimping Tool and soldered the center conductor to the pin. We also installed a 1 inch length of heat shrink tubing that has an adhesive on the inside. Each cable assembly is tested at our factory with a Bird Dummy Load, Bird Wattmeter, Power Master Wattmeter, Elecraft K-3 and a very heavy duty Henry Amplifier. The cable assemblies are tested with over 2000 watts continuous carrier. Cable losses were measured with antenna analyzers and Bird Wattmeters. We made these cable assemblies in three lengths; 18 feet, 50 feet and 100 feet.
We did all of that to make certain that when our coax leaves the factory, it is ready for use. High Sierra's new 'Pardner Coax' will be your antenna's best friend.
Rg-213 mil spec 100 feet w/ connectors installed