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Fire retardant 5 gallon thatch wood matting interior

5 Gallon INTERIOR Flame Retardantfor palm thatch, mattings
We also sell it in 1 gallon and 55 gallon drums
INTERIOR FIRE RETARDANTPRODUCT INFORMATION: A professional, long lasting, aqueous-based fire retardant treatment for most synthetic and natural fibers and interior wood.
Particularly recommended fo the treatment of porous decorative materials Particularly recommended for interior palm thatching & mattings,
upholstery, bedding, foam and most other porous combustibles. A
concentrated solution for fire retarding porous materials. When diluted with 1.6 parts clean water, the resultant product is
California Registration Number C-107.00. Colorless, non-toxic
fabric and select the appropriate treatment. APPLICATION RATE:Covers approximately 300 sq./ft. per gallon. Actual coverage on any single type of material may vary depending on the density,pile depth and the type of material being treated.FEATURES:-Reduces the possibility of flame spread-Treated items won't support combustion-Eliminates afterglow-Reduces toxic fumes from toxic materials-Non-toxic-Not affected by multiple professional dry cleaning with non-water based cleaning compounds-Lasts for useful life of treated fabric
Fire retardant 5 gallon thatch wood matting interior