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Unisys check scanner model : my vixion x

This listing is for a nice Unisys Check Scanner. This is the Panini model # My Vision X . The serial number is: 5315083. Guaranteed not DOA. Comes with the 3 cables, and attachment shown in pictures.
Recently used in bank operations, and in near new condition.
Remote Deposit Capture/Teller Capture/Back Counter Capture
The MyVision X is the most flexible scanner for retail and
commercial tellers and large depositors with speed options
of 30, 60 or 90 documents per minute (dpm) and 30 or
With check volumes decreasing and per-item costs increasing,
financial institutions are looking for new ways to reduce their
check processing expenses. Remote capture and image
exchange allows you to scan items at the first point of
presentment. This eliminates most back office processing,
improves float and identifies fraudulent items sooner.
All three models efficiently capture retail deposits at the
teller; the optional 100-item hopper provides the capability
to process larger volumes of deposits. This flexibility allows
you to also select a check scanner for your large depositors
matching their item volumes and processing windows.
With over 50 years of innovation, Unisys offers a complete
the industry. The MyVision X is assembled and tested by
Unisys in our ISO 9001-2000 certified manufacturing facility
in Plymouth, Michigan, USA, to meet our rigorous quality
standards. Our service organization delivers expert
maintenance to support your mission-critical processing
Maximize Your Return with Unisys
The leader in providing innovative products and tools designed
to improve your overall productivity utilizing either our standalone
tools or Unisys integrated WebPerfectImage Suite.
PerfectMICR - Unisys provides the capability to maximize
your E13B MICR read rate through our optional PerfectMICR
software tool. Advanced optical algorithms coupled with
standard MICR reading provide industry leading MICR read
rates for distributed capture devices.
WebDevice Suite - A single Web service interface, for
connecting a number of devices including the MyVision X
to distributed capture applications, which can reside at a
single central location. This Web service facilitates the
communication and connection between Web applications.
Web applications provide rapid application development
resulting in faster time to market, simpler deployment,
lower support & maintenance costs.
Image Exchange Utilities - Image quality controls and the
digital signatures provide assurance that images are
usable for their intended purpose and protected against
fraudulent alteration. Image quality suspects are flagged
in conformance to the ANSI standard X9.100-180.
Utilizes multiple Courtesy Amount
Recognition (CAR) and Legal Amount Recognition (LAR)
engines to achieve industry-leading read rates with
Select from multiple speed options depending on your
volume and processing windows.
The MyVision X offers three processing speeds utilizing the
same hardware platform at 30, 60 or 90 documents per
Superior image quality for effective implementation of
Up to four images, both the front and the rear of the check
at 100 or 200 dpi, bi-tonal or grayscale may be created on a
High-quality printing of audit trail information and logos.
Rear ink-jet endorsement of alphanumeric characters, logos
and other bitmaps using standard Windows fonts. The
industry-standard ink cartridge is easy to replace.
PerfectMICR compares and combines the Magnetic Ink
Character Recognition (MICR) read with an Optical Character
recognition (OCR) read, with advanced algorithms to improve
codeline recognition rates to near perfection (over 99%).
PerfectMICR is available on all MyVision X hardware units and
can be accessed via separate API call or as integrated within
Designed for efficient operation and maintenance.
The short, u-shaped track design minimizes jams. The
MyVision X ergonomic design and removable covers
facilitate jam recovery and operator maintenance.
Adjustable to accommodate documents of different lengths.
Single-exit pocket holds up to 100 documents.
Larger hopper design provides the ability to handle various
The MyVision X provides two alternative input extensions for
(up to 9.25 ) and taller (up to 4.17 ) items. Both are
included as alternatives to meet your specific processing
Provides the flexibility to handle both small and larger
volumes of deposits at the teller window on the same
The MyVision X features a large autofeeder with two
different feed modes; one provides the ability to drop up to
30 checks into the device with one hand and the second is
designed for batch feeding, characterized by moving the
pressure plate back, accommodating up to 100 checks.
Autosensing from 100 to 240 Vac.
USB 2.0 port/ backward compatible with USB 1.1
WebDevice Suite: Standard or Professional
TM running on Windows 2000 S.P. 3,
XP S.P. 1 with USB 2.0 or USB 1.1
Fifth image available for Courtesy Amount Recognition
Easy integration of third party ICR, Barcode and OCR
On-board diagnostics: Functionality test
Power-on testing: Automatic self-testing and photo cells
Advanced Exchange and Depot options
Installed Weight: 5.51 lbs. (2.5 kg)
Length: 3.14 in (80 mm) 9.25 in (235 mm)
Height: 2.12 in (54 mm) 4.17 in (106 mm)
Weight: 16 lbs (60 g/m2) 32 lbs (120 g/m2)
Consumables ( )
Consult your Unisys Direct Catalog or call 1-(***)-448-1424
Contact your Unisys representative for international orders
Sustained at up to 30, 60 or 90 documents per minute (dpm)
Scanning: Contact Image Sensors (CIS)
Image format: Bitmap in B/W, 256 gray levels, JPEG,
Image Resolution: 100 or 200 dpi
Advanced dynamic thresholding
Front and rear image: Four images in one pass
Single document automatic insertion
Holding up to 30 documents for automatic batch
Holding up to 100 documents with pressure plate
(optional on 30 or 60 dpm units)
Auto-tuning separator rollers designed to process varied
thicknesses of documents and to compensate for wear
Standard or optional PerfectMICR read technology
High-resolution rear ink-jet printer
Endorsed prior to image capture
Single exit pocket holds up to 100 documents
Unisys check scanner model : my vixion x Unisys check scanner model : my vixion x Unisys check scanner model : my vixion x Unisys check scanner model : my vixion x Unisys check scanner model : my vixion x Unisys check scanner model : my vixion x Unisys check scanner model : my vixion x