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Neoprene rubber overshoe boot x-large 11-12½ shoe sizes

ITEM: TINGLEY Product# 1440-XL Neoprene Rubber Overshoe, 10" Work Boot Style, EXTRA LARGE for 9-1/2 to 11 Men's Size Shoes, Molded in Button for Secure Closure, Brick Red Color, Cleated Outsole Sole.
- Injection molded, seamless construction for 100% waterproof protection
- Sturdy but stretchable compound combines durability with easy on and off
- Available in brick red color for quick identification from other overshoes that do not offer the same level of chemical protection
- Deep cleated outsole spits out debris for good slip resistance and longer wear
- Heavy duty heel kick-off cleat for easy no hands removal
- Sturdy molded in Neoprene button on boot styles for secure closure. No hardware to conduct, tear or snag
- No lining for easy cleaning and decontamination
- More material in the heel, toe and sole for longer wear
- Less material in the upper results in lighter weight and reduced leg fatigue
"Tingley's Neoprene overshoes are more resistant than rubber to a wide range of chemicals, solvents, caustics, hydrocarbons, fats, acids and oils. Known for its outstanding physical toughness, Neoprene performs even better with Tingley's unique formulation for added chemical resistance.
Our overshoe products allow users to wear their normal work shoes while having protection against the environment. Overshoes are the perfect choice when the protective requirements are intermittent or weather driven.
Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is resistant to a broad range of animal fats and blood, oils, certain acids, alcohols, alkalies, caustics and certain solvents. It is less resistant to cuts, punctures and abrasion that rubber. Our neoprene material comes in a brick red color so it can be easily recognized in its application as neoprene."
SOURCE: From the safety supplies stock of a large pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, surplus to their ongoing operations.
Neoprene rubber overshoe boot x-large 11-12½ shoe sizes