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Avr atmel mega board with lpt isp programmer

Your entrance into the microcontroller programming!
GB myAVR Board MK1 LPT, equipped GB
* inclusive programmer, on Board!
by other solutions this must be acquired additionaly!
* with the big ATmega8 instead of the small 2313
* inclusive ressource CD which contains documents, datasheets, demosoftware, tools, example programms and more
* designed after didactic principles
* with invoice and Email-support
The myAVR Board MK1 LPT is equipped with a RISC AVR-microcontroller from ATMEL (ATmega8). On the board are the integrated SP12 compatible LPT-Programmer and a RS232 (V24) port. Furthermore there are typical in- and output-devices located on the board already. These are for example switches, LEDs and a piezo electric buzzer and can be addressed with the microcontroller.
* 1 printed circuit board myAVR board MK1 LPT fully equipped and checked
* Ressource CD with documents, examples, tools, demosoftware etc
Saxony (Germany) with Post Modern
Avr atmel mega board with lpt isp programmer