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Xenetech 1625 cnc router engraving system

Xenetech 1625 CNC Router Engraving System
Also included is the Xenetech Speed Controller and the control Pendant also shown below. However I do not have the Xenetech software to operate the router with the Xenetech control system. I believe it can be operated manually but that's not the way to run it, you need the software for automatic control. Unfortunately Xenetech chargers over a thousand dollars for their software license.
I cannot guarantee that the Xenetech electronics works because with the damaged connector I cannot test it. The mechanical table alone is worth my starting price and you could make this into a working router/engraver without much more investment.
There is some light surface rust on the steel parts because it is stored outside under a tarp but it should clean up with minimal effort. All the motors can be turned by hand and they turn smoothly. The collet has what looks like a diamond scribe (non turning) cutter but it will take standard rotary cutters.
The Xenetech engraving table w/ motors, and spindle as shown below,
The Xenetech speed control unit,
The cable from the table to the main control box.
Link to Xenetech's newer model 1625: http:// /1625_overview.asp
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Xenetech 1625 cnc router engraving system