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Stalker dual 1-antenna 1ST-generation k-band radar

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The Stalker Dual 1-Antenna First-Generation K Band Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) package contains the radar unit PLUS all of the parts and accessories needed for a complete installation in your vehicle including:
3-MONTH Factory Warranty Included at no extra cost. Guaranteed to arrive in full working order.
Stalker Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) equipment assures you that all settings have been restored to the latest factory settings for the model being certified. This includes up to 13 checks and resets.
Your unit has been bench checked relative to the latest quality checks for new units. This includes at least 5 critical tests: powering up, display and light segment performance, calibration of voltage, tuning fork test, and an antenna check.
Frequency tested and recalibrated if needed.
Tested in a Real World Simulator making sure the unit is functional under real world conditions.
Lens are replaced if scratched.
All mounting inserts are inspected and replaced as needed.
Software upgraded to the current production release.
Tested to meet current production standards.
Verified that the front and rear ports read the antenna and tuning fork tested.
Verify the unit has mechanical integrity and repair as needed.
Overlays are replaced if scratched.
LEDs are checked for brightness.
LEDs are checked for function.
Display self-check mode is tested.
Replace case parts and/or keypad as needed.
Each unit is road-tested to ensure it is performing properly in a police like environment and that the unit performs in both stationary and moving modes, is checked for signs of doubling and or other anomalies and delivers the range and consistent readings for which our products are known.
All units are certified with a 3-Month factory warranty.
The units in the Certified Pre-Owned Program may show some normal cosmetic wear and tear including: chipped or discolored paint, scratches, gouges, and damaged or missing serial number tags. Units with missing (or illegible) serial number tags will have an engraved serial number.
Stalker dual 1-antenna 1ST-generation k-band radar