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New lot 4 saeco sg 200 espresso coffee vending machines

Machines are located in New York City until June 7th
and must be picked up by this date
4 new Italian high range Saeco SG 200 Espresso vending machines
Great opportunity to enter an established coffee business without franchise obligations!
(normally not available on the market, no franchise or contract needed for this sale!).
Saeco SG 200 Espresso is a completely automatic and space saving gourmet coffee machine, perfect for:
- offices, small locations and anywhere you want to enjoy real cafe style espresso coffee without leaving the work place;
- restaurants, since it is a real time saver. It prepares beverages in less than a minute by a simple push of a button and always guarantees the same taste.
Highest quality is achieved by freshly grounding and brewing for each serving. Broad variety of beverages is available: from black coffee, espresso, latte, cappuccino, mocachino, macchiato, to hot chocolate and French vanilla - or any other combination desired.
Saeco SG 200 Espresso vending machine is the perfect expression of state-of-the-art technology associating high-quality performance with reliability, user-friendliness and easy maintenance.
CONDITION: NEW; tested; already assembled and ready to use.
If machines were to be used as a vending business, they represent a perfect source of stable income (estimated income $1,000 per month per machine).
Access to franchise services also available. Individual machine sale also possible.
New lot 4 saeco sg 200 espresso coffee vending machines