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Anritsu MP1764A 12.5GHZ error detector opt 001

Anritsu MP1764A 12.5GHz Error Detector Opt 001
Up for sale is an Anritsu MP1764A 12.5GHz Error Detector with the following:
* Option installed: 01 Error Location Analysis
The Anritsu MP1764A Error Detector is used in combination with the MP1763C Pulse Pattern Generator for 12.5G Bit Error Rate Testing to evaluate conformity with ITU-T standards. In addition, complicated searching for input thresholds or phase adjustments is simplified with the touch of a single key. These functions are ideally suited for the research and development of ultrahigh speed logic ICs and digital communication systems. Specifications
* Operating Frecuency: 50 MHz to 12.5GHz
* Measurement Pattern: PRBS, Zero substitution, DATA, Alternate pattern, Logic inversion
* Synchronization Method: Normal, Frame, Quick
* Measurement: Measurement items, measurement time, Sync threshold value, Auto Snc, Error performance calculation function, Current Data, Auto search function, EYE margin measurement, Bit Window, Error peripheral analysis function, External mask function, Block window
* Input/Output Connector: Data input, Clock input, Sync signal output, Error output (DIRECT), Error output (STRETCHED), Alarm output, Frame sync output, Internal sync judgment output, External mask input, Resync input, Pattern switching input
Anritsu MP1764A 12.5GHZ error detector opt 001