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Welch allyn rl-150 w/ complete swallowing workstation

Welch Allyn RL-150 Rhinolaryngoscope Endoscopy (( NEW))
Complete Swallowing Workstation System
Get a comprehensive view of upper-respiratory anatomy with Welch Allyn's RL-150 Rhinolaryngoscope.
* Thorough exams of the upper-respiratory passage in less than five minutes.
* Minimal patient discomfort.
* Adaptable to most current light sources.
* Inexpensive disinfection tray for ease of disinfection.
* Optional handy storage hanger easily secures the instrument when not in use, extending the life of the RL-150 and protecting it against damage.
Complete Swallowing Workstation System include :
1- HP Colorado T3000 Copmuter ( NO HARD DRIVE )
2- JVC BR-S800U Profissional VCR
4- Kay Swallowing Signal Lab Model 7120
5- Panasonc GP-KS152 Digital Camera With Pansonic control unit ,cable , lens adapter And power supply
7- Kay Xenon Light Source 7150
8- Roland MA-12C Active Studio Monitor Powered Speaker
9- Radio Shack Omni Directional impedance Microphone
10- Samsung Syncmaster 700b 17" Monitor
11- Pentax OF-LT2 Leakage Tester
Allows for simple two stage testing of the watertight integrity of the Pentax Endoscopes. Air pressure is delivered by means of a hand operated bulb, eliminating the need for any electro-mechanical devices.
And All Cables ,User Manual and Accessory
Welch allyn rl-150 w/ complete swallowing workstation