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Pump pumpen speck-kolbenpumpenfabrik NP10/15-140

The NP10 is a small 3 cylinder triplex pump.
The Speck name is synonymous with quality and reliability. All our pumps are manufactured to the highest standards, using the latest in manufacturing technology.
The NP10 Range of pumps upholds this quality by providing:-
* Double plunger sealing with leakage return.
* All gaskets in seal sleeves ensuring precise centring and easy replacement.
* Identical suction and discharge valves, easily replaceable.
* Pump easily configured for left and right hand drive.
Even though SPECK-TRIPLEX NP10 pumps run almost pulsation-free, there are cases where a pressure accumulator is necessary. This will depend mainly on the construction of the unit and the conditions under which it is operated. The same effect can also be achieved by using flexible pressure lines. In any case, use of a pulsation damper adds considerably to the life of the seals and bearings. Particular care has to be taken when pumping warm water, making absolutely sure that cavitation can not occur.
ALL OTHER destinations (North and South America, Asia, Africa, etc.): 5-14 days- 75 $
Pump pumpen speck-kolbenpumpenfabrik NP10/15-140