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802.11N wifi internet radio receiver MP3 player usb wma

WiFi Internet Melody Station - MAA502AM
MAA502 is a WiFi 802.11n lite Audio Player with crystal-clear sound, it offers over 10,000 worldwide internet radio stations via vTuner, user can enjoy all kind of music by genre/location including news, talk and sports radio stations broadcast throughout the world. User not just easily playback MP3/WMA music on this device, also can connect with Home Theater high-quality speaker. Multi media resources allow you to select all music you stored in PC, NB, MP3 player, NAS or even cell phone.
* Industrial Compliant Wireless LAN & LAN
* 1x1 802.11N-lite wireless LAN, backward compatible to IEEE 802.11b/g standards
* 10/100M Ethernet LAN, Compliant with IEEE 802.3 and 802.3u standards
* Rich network configuration modes: wireless client, wired client and the wireless AP modes.
* Secure network Connection
* Support WEP, WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK Wireless Security
* Multi-media resources and Internet service supported
* Support UPnP AV renderer, can playback MP3/WMA/WAV music stored in PC, NB, NAS, or even in cell phone
* USB2.0 mass storage FAT16/FAT32 file system support
* Over 10,000 internet radio online support
* Provide vTuner genre / location Internet Radio search, and allow you to edit your favorite URL link on website
* RSS-weather can provide multi cities weather report every morning
* Simple RSS feed setting, easily get RSS on this device
* Podcast service(Optional)
* Large screen and crystal-clear sound
* Outstanding black piano look
* Large Black 128x64 Graphic-based LCD, outline: 86mmx 49mm, View area : 74mm x 36.6mm,
* 2x2W stereo sound speakers
* 1x earphone, 2x RCA jack can integrate with any home theater
* Easy setup wizard and management
* EzSetup wizard when 1st time log-in
* Easy firmware upgrade via USB port
* Built-in Clock Alarm to wake you up with different music every morning
* 2-section alarm setting
Enjoymusic anytime, anywhere wirelessly
* Different music resources, FM, Internet Radio, USB storage and UPnP media server.
* Support RCA or 3.5 earphone jack to connect with HiFi audio system.
* Advance Internet Radio and RSS feed
* Over 10,000 internet radio stations to let you enjoy the music without turning on any PC.
* Multi-cities RSS weather can let you get the temperature report everyday
* News, talks RSS feed can easily added on MAA502.
* Friendly UPnP AV renderer control
* Use your cell phone with WiFi UPnP function to request those music stored in UPnP server to playback on MAA502
* Standard UPnP protocol to be compliant with DLNA (audio only).
* Rotary encoder for function selection and volume control.
* Large screen to dispay all information.
* Crystal-clear sound design for all kind of music.
IEEE 802.11b/g/n (1x1) compliance
SSID broadcast or in stealth mode
l Support User-Defined station that added on v-Tuner site
l World Wide Weather Information
128x64 Graphic-based & Back-lighted LCD
Name card type x 1pcs, with Lthium battery x 1pcs
Temp.: 0~40oC, Humidity 10%~90% non-condensing
Temp.: -10~70oC, Humidity: 0~95% non-condensing
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802.11N wifi internet radio receiver MP3 player usb wma