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New graco silver gun plus w/517 rac v tip

Silver Plus Gun c/w 517 RAC X Tip Silver Plus Gun Known for its durability and long life - Silver Plus Gun offers a comfortable handle design
There are no adjustments required for the needle assembly / backed by an unconditional guarantee against needle breakage.
The stainless steel fluid tube and increased pressure rating make it a great gun for more viscous coating materials
* Maximum working pressure: 5,000 psi
Graco Silver Plus Gun With Rac X 517
Graco's Silver Plus Gun is the preferred gun for high pressure applications. The Silver Plus gun is known for its durability and long life. Graco's silver plus gun has a great spraying performance and comfortable design
* Factory set needle means no trigger adjustments are needed
* Needle is guarenteed for life against any impairment
* Forged aluminum is able to withstand harsh working enviroments
* Lighter than leading competitive guns
* Bridge, tank, and water tower painting
* Farm and construction machinery manufacturing
* Industrial metal structures fabrication
* High solids epoxy primers and coatings
* High solids polyurethane coatings
* Tank and pipe coatings and linings
* Architectural latex emulsion paints
New graco silver gun plus w/517 rac v tip