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1500 clothing swing / hang / strung tags customised

1500 swing/hang tags customized to your requirements. Price is for single sided but we do offer double sided.
We at Smart Tags can provide you with high quality customized swing tags. They are printed on the highest quality 350gsm white card in full colour. Our swing tags are eyeleted with a silver coloured metal eyelet which makes the swing tag more durable. The eyelets are 5mm diameter which is perfect for attaching your swing tags to your products with elastic or string. If you prefer we can just provide your swing tags with a drilled hole for a reduced price (see price list). We can also offer a 15mm slit or a Euroslot. We can also round off the corners if you prefer for no extra charge.
Small rectangular (8.5cm x 2.5cm)
Medium rectangular (8cm x 4.5cm)
Long rectangular (10.5cm x 4.5cm)
If you have provided a print ready design then please allow 7 working days for your tags to be completed.
If you would like to see a sample of our tags then please email us your address Alternatively visit our website to see some more photos of our tags
Threads are not included but we do sell a selection of threads on our website
2. If you have a swing tag design you would like to use just email it to us at and we will print your tags for you asap.
If you don t have a design then we can help you create a tag for no extra cost. Just give us as many ideas as you can, the size you require and any pictures you would like on your tag and we can create a customized tag for you. Please allow extra time if you require help with design.
Visit our website for even more details and examples of our tags or email us at
1500 clothing swing / hang / strung tags customised