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Nice robuskit slide gate operator motor package + rack

Price is for 1 NEW / In Original Box "NICE" Robuskit Package With Battery Back-Up, Photo-Cell, 2 Remote Control Transmitters, Receiver & 13' Of Rack (4 pieces) For Residential Slide Gate Applications & Light Duty Commercial. This Is A Fantastic Slide Gate Operator !!!!! Great Quality! Great Price!
The NICE Robuskit 110V / 24V DC Slide Gate Operator Includes Many Accessories, Battery Back-up & Rack. The Robuskit Can Handle Gates Up To 40' Long And 725 lbs. Quiet! reliable! Affordable!
* 4 Pieces Of Nylon Rack w/Metal Insert (ROA6)
* 2 Remote Control Transmitters
* 1 Pair Photo Electric Safety Sensor
ROBUSKIT Gear Motor Characteristics:
User-friendly: the BlueBUS system enables users to connect the photocell couples and control unit using just two wires
Practical: the control unit and PS124 buffer battery (optional) can be connected by means of a simple connector and can be housed directly inside the motor
Advanced: the speed, strength and pause can all be adjusted
Intelligent: thanks to the obstacle detection system and automatic programming of the working times. Motor absorption is monitored during movement, self-diagnosis by means of a flashing light. Acceleration and deceleration can be adjusted
Safe: acceleration and deceleration can be adjusted at the beginning and end of each opening and closing maneuver.
Very quiet: gear motor on bearings
Low maintenance "rack and pinion" system. Less maintenance than chain system but requires flat installation surface.
Affordable 24V DC Battery back Up optional. Rare for 110V Operator!
Additional rack is available upon request. Cost $17.95 per 3.2 ft.
Regarding Chain Link Fence Applications:
This Package Is A Limited Time Sale While Our Supply Lasts!
Use A Qualified Installer. Installer must READ THE ENTIRE MANUAL!
Nice robuskit slide gate operator motor package + rack